Really clear user instructions

From James's "I don't know, but...." site, a wonderful little explanation of the Pfizer vaccine mRNA code and, while it's at it, of genetically coded protein synthesis in general.
The people that discovered this should be walking around high-fiving themselves incessantly. Unbearable amounts of smugness should be emanating from them. And it would all be well deserved.


Grim said...

I read that when I saw the link at AVI's place. Interesting to think that they're getting close to being able to program us like computers. Hopefully that power will only be used for good.

E Hines said...

Whose definition of "good?"

Eric Hines

Grim said...


ymarsakar said...

Sounds like Dystopia. Other people are celebrating it as utopia though. They believe the Left or government, for some reason.

This also highlights the whole wax safety issue I and others brought up. That wasn't so popular amongst conservatives in 2019, until the hammer of 2020 hit them in the face repeatedly.

Now it is "my body, my choice".