Rain and Snow

For us the Christmastide begins early: we are all in for a period that will exceed the beginning of Christmas, and may exceed its end. My wife has been laid off from her work due to new COVID restrictions, which could easily pass the 12 day holiday. We have our food and fuel, and have 'pulled up our ships ashore,' as the Vikings would in making winter camp. There is now no reason to leave for a good long time to come. 

So the tides go in and the tides go out, but for us, Christmastide is now. 

UPDATE: I actually did have to go back out, as a package thought lost turned up unexpectedly at the Post Office. It was from my mother and sister out west. Opening it, I laughed and called my sister on the phone. "By any chance," I asked, "have you been looking for your glasses for two weeks or so?"


Anonymous said...

I wish you and everyone at the Hall a Merry Christmas, Grim.


Grim said...

Thank you, Elise. I wish the same for you and yours.

Anonymous said...

A merry and blessed Christmas to all about the Hall. The baking here is done, the beast will be roasted (OK, the ham sliced) tomorrow, and church will be wonderful tonight, even if we're not having the usual children's service ["If you want quiet contemplation, do NOT come to the five-thirty service." Said by many ministers, many times.]


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Grim.


Grim said...

Glad to see you, Piercello. I hope you've been enjoying Plato's regular commentary on the mathematical beauty of music.

Anonymous said...

I have indeed!