"Mermaid" To Challenge Susan Collins

Susan Collins' decision to vote for Brett Kavanaugh -- who, by the way, turns out to be innocent of all of the charges hastily arranged against him in an attempt to destroy his life and career -- had prompted a challenger for her Senate seat.
On Facebook, Kidman is described as a "criminal defense attorney by day and radical fat queer/performance artist/model/musician/activist most other times." On Spotify, Kidman is "Bee Kay Esq." and the biography is the same. Five songs with collaborator Mr. Gadget use "inhuman instruments to give voice to human vulnerability with beats that invite just enough dancing to feel slightly less dead."

On the website for the Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony (MESH), Kidman is described as a "queer feminist lawyer, mermaid, writer, activist, and artist."

Mermaid is "an artistic identity, not a serious identity," Kidman said.
Thank goodness for that.


ymarsakar said...

You know, the next time someone thinks (you read that correctly) I am crazy, they should remind themselves of what country they live in.

The same applies to the foreigners too.

Just because you are thinking and feeling something and trying to not write it down, doesn't prevent me from picking up on it.

It'd be nice if humanity could learn to fix their own house before criticizing other people's houses. The Final Battle is arriving.

Anonymous said...

Found the motivation for the filing:

"On the resources front, Kidman is counting on millions of dollars in already-raised crowdsourced funds that will automatically go to whoever wins the nomination to face Collins."


Texan99 said...

Well. Isn't she adorable.