The article says the US 'backs' the coup -- or restoration of the lawful government, depending on which side you're on -- but so far it seems like 'backing' is limited to some praise on Twitter. Call me when the 75th Rangers show up.

This is rich, too:
On the sidelines of the recent Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed Venezuela on Sunday and "highlighted that it is totally unacceptable when anyone tries to topple authorities in a third country, attempting to use force and illegal international pressure against a sovereign state, in order to change the leadership there," according to Peskov.
Taiwan and Ukraine will be so relieved to hear of your principled stand, comrades.

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E Hines said...

It's Newsweek, so I don't put a whole lot of credence in their telling the whole story of what we're doing--much of which ought not be public, anyway.

There's also not much we should do unilaterally. This is a matter for the OAS, or better, that subset of its membership that borders on Venezuela. We certainly should participate in--lead--such an ad hoc coalition, which should include blockades of Venezuela and Cuba--and low overflight, with radar locks, of the Russian contingent's facility there.

At bottom, though, this is a matter for the Venezuelans, who are now taking the lead. Were I in Guaido's shoes, too, I'd guarantee amnesty for all military from field grade on down if they join Guaido, and I'd guarantee the safety of senior and general officers' families.

Eric Hines