"Lock Her Up"

Donald Trump ran on the mantra, and it may have won him the election; it certainly won him this debate.

So why hasn't he locked anyone up, even when there are clear and demonstrable crimes? Angelo Codevilla answers the question.
Politics is not responsible for the non-application of Section 798 to Brendan and Clapper. It is difficult to imagine that the public would not approve massively the straightforward application to prominent men of a law that is so unambiguous, which is the foundation of arguably the main part of U.S intelligence, and which has been applied countless times to ordinary people.

Rather, the absence of real politics—of real competition between opposing sides in American life—is the culprit. What we see is that those in the upper echelons of American life, whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats, have greater loyalty to the ruling class to which they belong than to any law or institution. The refusal to apply Section 798 to Brennan and Clapper —the fact that they are free men —is simply the most obvious manifestation of the fact that we have a ruling class, that it is coherent, and that it has yet to be challenged in any serious way.
Time for a change.


douglas said...

I remember when I used to laugh at people talking about "the Uniparty", thinking 'of course there's a difference between them', which was true, but ultimately, I see that it's not enough. Codevilla hits the nail on the head as to why.

ymarsakar said...

THe System Rules you America. Try to wake up out of this delusion or nightmare, for once.

I'd like to see the people here who thought they could out debate me on the topic of the System, pop up once again, although it would be pointless and a waste of time.

ymarsakar said...

Of course there is a difference. Much as there is a difference between NKVD and Gestapo.

The Bolshevik leadership was around 80% Jewish, often religious Judaism Jews even. The Gestapo however were anti Jewish.

Their creation of suffering on Earth, however, served the same philosophy, Force, Faction, or gods.

Most humans aren't smart enough to get it, so when they talk about Uniparty or Pox on both their houses, they sound dumb because they are not adequately encapsulating all the necessary details.