Mr. "AR-15 Broke My Shoulder" Wants You To Celebrate the Murder of a Diplomat

When last we met Gersh Kuntzman, he was trolling to be called names by claiming that an AR-15 was sort of like a man-portable howitzer. He then turned the names he was called into another column on how proud he was to embrace his feminine side.

Now he's hit upon a new trolling technique: celebrating the murder of a Russian diplomat.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Putin ordered the hit himself, in order to justify Erdogan's further purge of Turkey's military/police apparatus and Turkey coming in on Russia's side in the war. Matter of fact, how convenient that the thing happened on live television, at an art exhibit dedicated to Russian-Turkish friendship. Someone should check to see if the diplomat in question owed anybody money, or had been sleeping with anyone important's wife, or had somehow gotten crosswise with his boss.

On the other hand, we don't kill diplomats for the same reason we don't gun down soldiers acting as heralds under a flag of truce. There's a basic civilizational norm: if we can't talk to each other, we can't stop fighting until one side is all dead. If one has any interest in even the possibility of peace, one has to put up with diplomats. Even John Kerry, for a while.



Eric Blair said...

To paraphrase Jacques Chiraq: "That guy always misses the chance to shut up."

Grim said...

He does seem to have that knack.

E Hines said...

He's a disgusting little man; why do we give him bandwidth?

Regarding the coincidence of watching a Russian diplomat be murdered on live television, when I was stationed in Manila, I had the...privilege...of watching a taped replay of a (Philadelphia? Cleveland? It's been a few years) city councilman, at a news conference apparently called for the purpose, put a pistol in his mouth and kill himself. Sometimes stuff does happen.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

... why do we give him bandwidth?

On Sun Tzu's principle of knowing the enemy. You've seen what an echo chamber does to the plurality -- and they are the plurality, for they won the popular vote. Better to retain a clear-eyed view of what they think, for it easy to forget in the momentary victory that in some respects we are barely holding on.

Grim said...

To whit, Trump's totals were the highest ever for a Republican -- and he lost the popular vote by millions.

The Electoral College isn't going anywhere, but at some point the plurality is going to refuse to be governed by the minority. The only questions are how soon that point comes, and what form the refusal takes.

E Hines said...

Well, we can hope California's petition to secede takes off, and the Republican Congress and administration has the good sense to let them. There goes the Left's plurality.

Eric Hines

MikeD said...

From your keyboard to God's inbox, Eric.

Ymar Sakar said...

Better to retain a clear-eyed view of what they think, for it easy to forget in the momentary victory that in some respects we are barely holding on.

Start thinking in 10 year and 100 year strategic deployments and you'll be on par with the Leftist alliance, if not the Islamic Jihad. Humans are limited by their imagination. For example, some Americans even thought Hussein O and Ayers and ALinsky were just harmless clowns that couldn't start up a revolution because they had no guts and no students.