This One Won't Fly

Donald Trump can't pardon his way out of nepotism.
Maybe Newt’s right that the public would go to bat for Trump on [pardoning his kids for violating the law]. (Nothing would surprise me anymore.) But this sort of thing should be done, if it’s to be done, by repealing the anti-nepotism law properly so that our new pro-nepotist legal regime applies to everyone equally, not just the Trump royal family. If we’re going to let federal officials start staffing up with their kids banana-republic-style, let’s at least have the people’s representatives sign off on that on the record.
A major reason to oppose both the Bush and Clinton campaigns was the idea of an imperial presidency. I am happy to give the guy a chance, and I understand the reason to trust family more than others. All the same, this isn't going to work out.


E Hines said...

Who would have violated the nepotism law were it in place during Camelot: Jack Kennedy for hiring his baby brother to be AG, or Bobby Kennedy for accepting the job?

I'm not convinced Trump's kids would need pardoning; I'm not convinced they're the ones who'd be violating the law. And if he tries to hire one or more of his kids to a position(s) requiring Senate confirmation, who would be violating the nepotism law?

Suppose, too, Trump uses them in his kitchen cabinet. He'd not be the first President to rely on outside advisors more than on any officially appointed ones--or the first to rely extensively on family members for those outside advisors.

The situation isn't as simple and straightforward as the anti-Trumpers would like us to believe. Nor is it all that unique to Trump; it's only the scope that's unusual.

Eric Hines

ColoComment said...

Has there ever been a president-elect over whom there's been such speculation, wild speculation, about how many ways he could, COULD, possibly violate federal laws?
Sure, Trump's position is different from career-politician-presidents, but jeepers, this is getting near the "fake news" neighborhood. ...plant the seed of an idea & see what grows? Huh?

I haven't taken the time to follow the stories about how much/little his kids may participate in his administration. If they're busy running his company(ies), they won't have time to do much, I'm sure.

But really, apart from hiring them to some "official" staff position, which seems a fairly outlandish proposal, if he's used to using them as a policy/decision sounding-board, or if he values their counsel on numerous topics, then he'll just ask them to dinner & start a conversation -- who's going to outlaw that?

ColoComment said...

"...getting near the "fake news" neighborhood. ...plant the seed of an idea & see what grows? Huh?" => was directed at Allahpundit/Gingrich, not at our kind host.

I just didn't want that to be misunderstood. :-)

Ymar Sakar said...

If Trum wants to stay alive in the Capital of Evil, the only ones he can rely on are his clan, his serfs, and his Alt Right backers.