Resistance in America

Two pieces on preparations by Left-leaning Americans for the forthcoming Trump administration:

On political preparations.

On kinetic preparations.

The Tenth Amendment option is still on the table. I mean, it's actually in the Constitution. All we'd have to do is quit pretending it doesn't exist.


Anonymous said...

To acknowledge the 10th is a repudiation of progressivism. It inherently acknowledges the limitations of government, rejects a one-size fits all solution, and leads toward self-determination. The prize we seek, peace and co-existence, are not cherished by progressives. The progressive leadership seeks chaos and conflict in order to remake the world.

So yes, I agree that limiting the power of the feds is our only hope, short of a God intervention, of slowing down this destructive voting at each other. Sadly I fear that the progressives will not listen.

-Stc Michael

Ymar Sakar said...

So the obvious counter to the argument that there would be no civil war because only one side is armed has been...