There Is Already Plenty of Evidence in the Clear

Russian involvement should be proven by declassifying the CIA's findings, say many on the Left. I've been arguing that, just because we take the threat seriously, we should not expose our sources and methods. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross (h/t Wretchard) points out that there is already plenty in the public space to show the involvement of Russian hacking organizations.

Even if Russian propaganda operations are at most a marginal concern vis a vis our elections, it doesn't make any sense to help them out by getting all panicky and putting everything we have in the clear. When it's dangerous, that's just when it's most important to relax.


Cassandra said...

From his Twitter feed:

"Naming and shaming is an ineffective deterrent..."

Sadly, that has pretty much been our go-to tactic for the last 8 years.

The sternly wagging finger of international opprobrium writes, and having writ, MovesOn.

#Changing nothing.

douglas said...

It's just this very fact- that it's practically ubiquitous (and that list was just focused on the Russians, never mind the Chinese, Norks, Iran, etc.) is why this is all over-reaction. It's business as usual. The problem isn't that they try to hack us- that's expected- the problem is that we don't do enough to stem it. But what would you expect from an administration that insists on using blackberries for POTUS to keep his email habits in tact, and whose SoS sets up an insecure private server for email, whose Presidential campaign chair is phished, among other things. They don't take any of this seriously- unless it's a convenient club to wield through the media to get at their political enemies- after all, they're the real evil.

Ymar Sakar said...

Maybe they can ask Valerie Plame and her husband what should be exposed.