Another Bad Marketing Decision

This presents itself as being for nearly fearless men, but no man worth the name would wear this -- especially if it were true.

As it often is. I keep telling people that they should be a lot more afraid of the wife than they ever are of me.


Ymar Sakar said...

I like the gray man style. Don't get noticed. Those tshirt types are almost as bad as tattoos.

Grim said...

Do you have a lot of luck going unnoticed?

As for myself, I have always considered it an ethical issue similar to proper labeling of poison bottles with skulls and crossbones. If you see a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it and decide to drink it, that's on you. If you look at me and still decide to rob me, attack me, or otherwise compel a fight, it's also all on you.

raven said...

I look normal as can be, nobody ever messes with me anymore. Must look too poor to rob, and too harmless to be worth beating up. Suits me fine.

Predators are more likely to notice some hard to define things, like awareness, stance, etc. For example, if someone approaches in a suspicious manner (and it won't be overtly suspicious to most) and the first thing you do is to take a full step away from your wife and check your six, it sends a glaringly clear message to them. I have been told there is a odd look in the eyes also at times like this.

Eric Blair said...

Meh. Its the sort of self-deprecating humor that some guys are good at.

Ymar Sakar said...

Do you have a lot of luck going unnoticed?

I've been mistaken for staff at various places, based on what I've been wearing and what I was doing. None of which were on purpose even.

It's similar to the incident Michelle O complained about. But for me, I just noticed a lot of people started asking me questions all of a sudden. I thought it was just a coincidence at first until later on I realized they thought I was staff.

Various things like that are good for infiltration or exfiling, due to human perception. The problem with external wear being used as a warning sign is that different tribes and socio economic levels take it differently. It's better to blend in and then change body language at closer range.

Animals will pick up on the change. If humans are too stupid to do so, that's nobody's fault except their own.