Nothing New with Levi's Jeans

Their brand is an American classic, but they've been donating heavily to gun control groups for years. What do you expect from a San Francisco company?

Now they say, 'Don't come in if you're carrying -- even legally.' There is, "of course," an exception for "authorized" members of law enforcement.

This points to the clear misunderstanding prominent on the left that the police are a separate class from the citizenry. Every citizen has the right to enforce the law, to make arrests and bring lawbreakers before a magistrate. Those of us who are also authorized to carry weapons -- after a background check and, in many states, a demonstration of proficiency -- are "authorized... law enforcement" in the strictest sense. We just don't do it full time.

Police and the citizenry should be lined up, not divided against each other. But that depends on a view in which we're both of us committed to the same end -- the common peace and lawful order. If what you really want are police who will suppress your fellow citizens of whom you are terrified, well, that's going to cause problems for all of us.

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Ymar Sakar said...

In various rioting cities, it was the civilians and Oathkeepers who kept the police and shop owners from outside, safe from the fires of.... whatever people call war=protest now a days.

War=peace anti war protest=war protest and lives matter = killing more black lives.

1984 EngSoc in action.

When civilians line up to shield the police from the rioters, who is supposed to be Obeying and Protecting whom again...

I suppose Waco corpses from 1 and 2 didn't get asked that one. People will have to wait for Judgment Day, when the guilty and innocent are resurrected together.