A Comic for the Era

I just discovered this webcomic called "The Ism." Initial review of the last few strips suggests it's pretty solid, but I haven't gone that far back.


Murph said...

If you burn the Quran, the iconic symbol of Islam, you're anathema to the Left. If you burn the American flag, the iconic symbol of freedom, you're a courageous hero to the Left.

If you occupy a building on a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, you're domestic terrorists and are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you occupy federally-controlled land in North Dakota, you're friends of nature, defenders of pure water, sympathizers to the oppressed native Americans, and are tolerated by federal authorities.

Intellectual consistency is not a hallmark of the Left. ...nor of the federal law enforcement system. :-)

Grim said...

I have noticed that The Black Panthers = Heroes, while III%ers Protesting the Bureau of Land Managment = Fascist Racist Haters.

Consistency isn't everything, but it's surprising how little of it there is to go around.

Ymar Sakar said...

Given there is a war in the spiritual and material realms, that's not so much a surprise.

Murph said...

Mark Perry at carpediem.com has a whole archive full of Venn diagrams that visualize [mostly economic] contradictions like the Ism comic you posted.

And, coincidentally enough, he's just organized them and today posted a link to that archive.


Grim said...

Thanks for that, Murph. And welcome to the Hall -- I don't remember talking with you before.

Murph said...

I've roamed though your hall a few times, a/k/a ColoComment. ;-)

When I've logged in elsewhere via the Google email account as Murph it's easier to just let it be than to switch in/out with Disqus, etc.

'Tis lazy, I am.