Nordic Roots

Tom gave us a start on it. It's not an unworthy thing to chase, near the Yuletide.

I note that the video seems to be drawn from a retelling of Beowulf's second battle, against the Mother of Grendel.

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Tom said...

Interesting. Here's one translation (from

Early one morning before the sun arises
Before the birds begin to sing
The mountain troll proposes to the fair young knight
and she had a false speech

:Herr Mannelig, herr Mannelig, will you marry me
for all that I'll give you so gladly?
If you want you well answer only yes or no
If you want to or not:

To you I'll give twelve fast horses
That stand in the pink grove
They never had been saddled up
nor had a bridle in their mouths

To you I'll give twelve mills
That stand between Tillo and Terno
The millstones are of the redest gold
and the wheel is silver covered

To you I'll give a gilded sword
That jingles from fifteen gold rings
And fight as much as you will,
on the battlefield you shall conquer

To you I'll give a brand new shirt
The best and lustrous to wear
It's not sewn with needle or thread
But crocheted of the whitest silk

Gifts like these I'll take so gladly
if you were a christian woman.
But I know you are the worst mountain troll
From evil spirits and devil spawn

The mountain troll ran out through the door
She wailed and shrieked so hard
"Had I gotten that fair young knight
I would lose my torment"