Military Coup Attempt in Turkey

Unfolding. The Turkish military was entrusted by Ataturk with the duty of preserving his revolution, which has been undermined somewhat by the present administration's flirtation with Islamism. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


William said...

More like consolidation of power.
Now, with Turkey declaring war on all who "stand with Gulen" (currently living in the US) and Turkey's links with, and influence in, the EU how might this play out? ...
The world has fallen apart over less.

Food for thought.

William sends.

Ymar Sakar said...

Supposedly Erd had already purged the high level military officiers. Whether mimicking Hussein or Hussein was mimicking Islam, hard to tell.

The world Burns. Exactly as I said it would. The timing was not by grace, given to me to see, but I can infer it.

Anonymous said...


I think the Sun has set on secular Turkey.
The world has changed....significantly... we just don't know it yet.
So many folks arrested.
Power is still out at Incirlik Air Base.

Here are my unanswered questions.
When are we going to pull the Nukes?
When is NATO going to stop having Turkey as a member?
When is Santa Sofia going to change back to a Mosque... permanently?
Things are changing way to fast. It's like a Turkish version of "Night of the Long Knives"