"Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!"

Via Lars Walker.


raven said...

This in your neck of the woods, Grim?


douglas said...

Hear, hear! Great performance. Now that's a great one for today. Happy Independence Day, all.

Grim said...

Yeah, that's Blue Ridge. I was there for last year's BBQ and Blues festival.

It's a weird story. Here's a guy trying to defend the judge (and the court stenographer, who is also somehow roped up in this).

It sounds like the real issue is a huge feud between this judge (who runs the state Judicial Qualification Commission) and another judge who was forced to resign by the JQC. So that second judge's wife may have leaked stories about illegally cashed checks to the press, who then filed an open records request for "illegally cashed checks," which the judge who jailed him says is a false statement because the checks weren't illegally cashed.

That, I think, is what is going on. It's a crazy tale.

Ymar Sakar said...

They used to just shoot each other's clan members.

Ah civilization.

Lars Walker said...

Thanks for the hat tip. That's James Patrick Riley, of the "Courage, New Hampshire" TV series.