3 Dead Police in Dallas, 10 Injured

So I hear. More of the injured are in critical condition.

The point at which they started shooting cops was the point at which the police will no longer listen to arguments about adjusting their training to adopt a less-aggressive posture. The window for fixing the problem just closed, at least for quite a while. Nothing good will come from this.

Requiescat in pace.

According to the live feed at this link (local NBC), it was 11 officers shot of 100 total.


douglas said...

It's now 5 dead. Hopefully it won't climb further.

I heard about this just before leaving my parent's place, picking up the kids, who had been with them for the day. Listening to the radio where a station was playing CNN audio, I was just shaking my head, angry about the stupidity of it, and the sure to come bad after effects that will ripple out from this. And there's the part of me that recognizes an attack like this on police as an attack on our society at large. Driving along, I decided that we should swing by the supermarket and pick up a bouquet of flowers, and drop it off at our local precinct station. We did, and the desk officers were very appreciative and even called out the watch commander. It felt silly and pathetic in some way, but at the same time, I just felt we had to do something, however small, and if that was all we had available to us at the moment, then that was what we were going to do.

Today might be a good day to let your local police know they are appreciated.

Ymar Sakar said...

No justice, no peace. And people thought I was paranoid.

I already had a bruncheon with the local police, some odd weeks ago. One of them kept sitting with his back to the primary exit, which I cautioned him about, after he got a call and had to leave. Another female officer mentioned that she prefers to pull range, if someone is trying to wrestle with her. I was mentioning the "drop down, use gravity to align your gun vector" against people attempting to over power and wrestle away the sidearm. But it seems normal police training is "pull to more than 21feet". Which is nice and good, assuming they can do that. Often times, they are closer than that, and in CQB like houses.