A Point Worth Making Right Now

How to restore oversight, checks and balances? Vote Trump.
Think of it. A Congress that finally finds a spine in the face of the president. And that’s not just Democrats – even the posing goofs on the Republican side of the aisle would be falling over themselves to take a whack at the orange executive. What court would shrug and defer to El Presidente Little Digits? Even the mainstream media would rediscover the curiosity about West Wing wrongdoing that disappeared back in January 2009. Imagine their delight to once again be able to preen and strut while babbling about how they speak truth to power instead of groveling and bussing the rear of their White House master.

America will have never seen checking and balancing like President Trump would experience. And that is exactly, precisely what America must have right now.

Hillary Clinton will roll into office unhindered and unaccountable. We know what Clintons do when there is oversight; any sane person should shudder at the thought of them not merely unaccountable, but actively abetted by the entire elite.
Actually, that's two points worth making. The bigger point is that a Hillary Clinton administration would be the end of the Constitution, via her hand-picked SCOTUS, as well as the rule of law by her actively abetted acts of fiat.

The smaller point, but also important, is that Trump's likely foolishness will give Congress, the media, and the courts a chance to rebuild their atrophied muscles. By the end of Trump's term (which I still think would highly likely end in impeachment and removal from office, especially if he picks a VP that people like better than him), the next President will come into office with a clear example of the dangers of transgressing boundaries in front of their eyes.

With Clinton, if we even get to a President after her, the lesson would be that there no limits. Only power.

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Ymar Sakar said...

With Clinton, if we even get to a President after her, the lesson would be that there no limits. Only power.

A little too late by now, given Hussein Obola's 8 years as God King of America.

Maybe he'll get 4 terms like FDR too. Or perhaps they can think of HRC as the other two terms.

Relying on a bunch of evil DC crats to restrain Donald is like relying on Shia and Sunnis to kill each other, so we don't have to worry about terrorism. Maybe if this was just a national internal political fight, alliances of convenience could be produced such as that.

But if the Leftist alliance is as evil as I claim, and if the fight in this nation is about more than mere politics, then you have greater strategic considerations to analyze. Namely that when good vs evil happens in a nation that is falling, they are not going to be saved by politics. Any politician even.