Dads in Parks

I used to get some very hostile looks from young mothers when I would take my boy to the park, O these long years ago. So I get where this series is coming from.

But here's one with a member of the Range 15 crew.

It's good.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Peripheral vision doesn't work at the wide angles when that close up, so he should have scooted over, if he was trying to grasp his situation. But he shouldn't have tried to cover it up or submit to fear. Fear is a tool, just like any gun that the American culture likes in guns.

One time I was in a park with a group of people training in light sparring, no gear, and I heard some person shouting like the devil around the gravel tracks between the building, kid swings, and the stairs to the sports areas. He was shouting like he was daring anybody to do something about him or say something back. And most people were either scared or didn't want any problem with him. So he walked past us, along with his partner or friend, and his friend was the one that looked at us and almost looked uncomfortable. I gave him a nod in greeting and he returned that, but we were definitely watching them.

They had to come within 10 feet of me personally, since they were taking the side road (that bikes use). Decibel wise, the potential target was about 50+, I would think. I could hear em about 50-100 feet away, and it was somewhat loud. He got much quieter once they came towards us and past us, however. The yeller might not have noticed what I was thinking, but his friend I think, suspected it.