Congress is Protesting Itself

So, following a filibuster, Republicans agreed to votes on four gun bills earlier this week. All four lost, as all four deserved to lose.

Now, bill supporters in the House are staging a sit-in.

Clearly they think they've got a winning issue, even though they keep coming up with ideas like Feinstein's 'Americans must prove their innocence.' On any other subject, these same people would lose their minds if someone suggested policies like this. Feinstein's bill would have a vastly disproportionate effect on Muslims, and a somewhat disproportionate effect on other minorities. It would deny them their civil rights based on mere suspicion. It would continue to deny them their rights for five years after they'd been cleared of suspicion. Why? Because they're so suspicious we can't be too careful. But if they can prove their innocence -- in spite of having no access to the charges against them, nor an opportunity to confront their accuser, nor the power to be heard in the secret courts -- we will restore their rights, presuming they can also stay off our secret lists for five years.

These same people sitting on the floor in protest would be the very ones leading the charge against any other proposal that did those things. It violates every principle of justice that they ordinarily claim.


Ymar Sakar said...

Now that the Leftist alliance has exceeded 10% of their strategic reserve mobilization, expect more seemingly reckless and crazy actions. In war, when the enemy is about to rout and you have begun committing your reserves, there is no time for second guessing or "compassion". It's not like the US Constitution is compatible with the Left's death cult dogma.

E Hines said...

All the House Republicans should join them in the sit-in, sitting all around them (not among them), chanting all we need is love.

Eric Hines

Eric Blair said...

Just bizarre.

Anonymous said...

1969 called. It wants its teenagers back.


raven said...

"The worst mass shooting in US history".

Yep. Just like the sunny September day when an unprecedented 3 airliners all went down within a few minutes of each other. The single worst aviation crash in US history.

Grim said...

We may never know the motives of those responsible.