The 2nd Amendment as Palladium of Liberty

Some words from our Founders.

They were serious about this. They were also right about it. We need to figure out how to restore the local, neighbor-and-family militia function as a part of the defense of the common peace and lawful order. We've gone too far to professional police and professional armies as a defense, not that I'm suggesting disbanding the police or the Army. I mean that we'll be freer when we are more actively involved in the defense of our communities, rather than turning things over to secret lists maintained by distant agencies, or secret courts with secret evidence against us.

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Ymar Sakar said...

They could use kickstarter to pay for and organize local projects, beyond merely volunteer no profit neighborhood watches. Detroit has a great model of Private Security, which actually works. Much better than the union police model.

Of course, they will need leaders, cadre members, and managers. People who volunteer their time and energy, just as activists do. But for any skill area they lack, such as H2h or firearms training, they can outsource that to any number of trainers in this country or the world. The hand to hand martial arts world and the shooting world, is very interconnected these days.