Left v. Left

Slightly left Brookings Institute fellow Robert Kagan: Trump is how fascism comes to America.

Quite left outlet Vox: Nope, you're wrong.

Trump is a much better candidate for a democratic demagogue a la classical Greek thought (which Kagan knows enough about to mention). That's dangerous enough without needing to invoke a more-famously bad model that doesn't really fit.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Fascism already came to America in the Demoncrat party.

1830 lynchings, mob enforced bounties, and chasing down dissenters giving speeches, was pretty solid modus operandi.

People could justify or explain away violence in 1859 by talking about Lincoln being a Tyrant. But Lincoln wasn't even President then or before. 1830 was closer to A Jackson's time. This was before a prominent abolitionist Senator or Congress person started talking about Southern slave lords and their relationships with slaves.

The Caning in the Senate was merely the approved response to abolitionist speech. As pro slavery platform was a hidden totalitarian belief that wanted to spread to the entire continent, starting with the territories and then Mexico. Whites, blacks, it didn't matter, they were all going under the shackles.

Trump may be many things, but he didn't bring anything new to America. It was already here.