Sanders Calls for FOX News Debate before California

“This is the worst-case scenario and the one people feared the most,” said one Clinton ally and former Clinton aide.

“Unfortunately, he’s choosing the path of burning down the house,” the ally said. “He continues with character attacks against Hillary. He continues with calling the Democratic Party corrupt and he not only risks damaging Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party but he's currently doing it."

Clinton allies say Sanders is only piling on by insisting that Clinton join him for a debate ahead of California's primary on June 7. The debate would be aired on Fox News, a network Clinton supporters see as fanning the flames between Sanders supporters and the former secretary of State.
I'd love to see FOX News moderators get ahold of both of these candidates. But I can imagine the questions for Clinton:

1) "We've all seen the news reports of the intensity of the FBI investigation into your mishandling of classified information. Some statements claim that they can't prove intent, but there is no need to prove intent under the law. How much longer do you think you can stay out of jail?"

2) "It's great you mention that, because the happier wing of stories about this are coming out of Justice Department leaks. Now it's a matter of record that high ranking Justice Department officials have donated $75,000 to your campaign this cycle, which represents a substantial investment in you. Isn't this proof of the corruption in the leadership of the Democratic Party that Senator Sanders is alleging, and will you call for an independent prosecutor to resolve all questions about your conduct once and for all?"


Gringo said...

Get out some popcorn. I don't watch campaign debates, but if this debate happens, I may well change my mind.

Speaking of popcorn, childhood Sunday night suppers were often cocoa and popcorn.The popcorn came from my grandparents' farm.

E Hines said...

I'd love to see Sanders and an empty chair at such a debate. Unless Clinton finds the stones to show up--that I'd love to see even more.

'Course if she refuses, Sanders may well find objections to moderators, format, and/or "other details" as excuses to back out. If she does refuse, though, even a Town Hall format vice an empty chair would do Sanders a lot of good.

Eric Hines