There's Almost No Reason for Sanders Supporters to Back Clinton

Salon is worried about the exit polls.
CBS News reported 44 percent said they’d vote for Trump, 23 percent for Hillary Clinton, and 32 percent for neither. These findings—especially Sanders’ supporters shifting to Trump—seem like a stretch, but maybe they’re not.
Trump and Sanders' candidacies are much more alike than different. Both are insurgents, as Salon understands. But Trump and Sanders are also both isolationists on foreign policy. Foreign policy usually doesn't matter much in Presidential elections, but this time the foreign policy views are just outgrowths of the candidates' economic views. Both candidates believe that foreign free trade deals have been too costly to American workers compared with the benefits they spread abroad. Now economic views are usually hugely important in Presidential elections. That their foreign policy lines up with their economic worldviews means that there is a core logic to both of these campaigns that is closely aligned.

Sanders is a socialist, and Trump is not -- Trump thinks he's going to negotiate a better deal for American capitalists and workers. But neither of them is even a little bit like Clinton. She called the TPP deal "the gold standard," and although she's now trying to walk that back it's clear she's only doing so for electoral reasons. Her real economic policy is to pursue the ends set at Davos. Her foreign policy, likewise, is one of international engagement in pursuit of ends set in Turtle Bay, or at Davos, or by wealthy Persian Gulf sheikhs with money to donate to the Clinton Global Foundation.

Sanders voters are not blind. They can see that, in the essence of political views, Trump is far more like them than Clinton is. Those like Salon who see her as the candidate of compromise are missing the boat. When it comes to this essential core of the campaigns, Trump is the candidate of compromise between Sanders and Clinton. This basic failure to grasp the ground of the campaign suggests that Clinton's people -- and Obama's -- badly misunderstand what is going on before their eyes.

UPDATE: Centrist Democrats sense the coming earthquake, begin talking about being ready to work with President Trump.

UPDATE: Bernie fans put together this video of the fix being in at the Nevada convention.


Anonymous said...

The Clinton campaign learned from the Obama campaign.


Grim said...

It's starting to sound like she learned from Nixon's campaign.

Ymar Sakar said...

Compared to JFK and FDR's system to alter votes, Nixon was a neophyte for whatever he is accused of.

Anonymous said...

I remember videos of the same type of "conventioneering" taking place with Republicans with Ron Paul supporters during 2012. I haven't wasted my time with the Republican party since then.