There's No Substitute for a .50 Cal

Apparently Mythbusters got to this 'can you fell a tree with a machine gun?' thing a while ago. They determined that yes, you could, in 45 seconds.

So that's 2,250 rounds, which at $0.50 a round is $1,125 for the tree.

Looks to me like it takes about three .50 BMG hits to knock down that tree in the clip below. Now, BMG is a little more expensive -- about $3 a round -- but that still works out to $9 for the takedown. If it takes four or five hits, it's affordable.

Sounds to me like there's no choice but to prefer the .50 BMG rifle for lumberjack work.


Ymar Sakar said...

But people still think using nuclear demolition charges to carve a tunnel through a mountain isn't good.

raven said...

I can remember toting a big old Mac with a 4 foot bar, two 2 1/2 gallon cans of gas and oil, plus a few 5/8" poly sling lines through the old growth- it was heavy, but still nowhere near a M2 MG.
It was fun work- I was scouting virgin forest , looking for downed old growth cedar to cut up for shakes. Those 5' diameter logs were still sound on the inside, after laying on the forest floor for 100 years. would find a log, buy it from the Forest service, cut it up into bolts and fly them out with a chopper.
Scouting the old growth for days with a lunch and an axe was enjoyable.

Eric Blair said...

There were trees cut down by the Mine' balls at Shiloh and the Wilderness. Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.