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[T]he problem with this assumption [that Muslims are inferior] is contained in this Polish joke my cousin Tony Zbrowskis told me 50 years ago. But first, do you speak Polish?


How does it feel to be dumber than a Pollack?

And so it goes with Arab Muslims and the Muslims. They speak our language, we do not speak theirs. They have their own alphabet and unlike the Cyrillic alphabet, it is not easily translated into the Western alphabet. Arab Muslims come here not as poor people looking for an opportunity to reach the upper class through hard work, but as students and the like from upper crust families. They study us. They know us. They speak our language and know are culture. They study our government. They do not seek to assimilate. Why would they? We are decadent.
The author goes on to state that liberals think they can use Muslims to further the liberal agenda, but that Muslims will use them instead. I'm not sure he rightly captures the spirit of the thing. The Marxist binary continues to animate the Left in our society, but it is now several binaries of oppression and domination: rich/worker, male/female, white/black, colonialist/oppressed. The last one in particular was a late addition to Marxism -- Lenin wrote a book about it, decades after Marx was in the grave -- but it is wholly out of date now. Colonialism started dying as soon as WWII ended. At least people keep being born male or female, for the most part. The colonial/oppressed model is vastly out of date.

Having these categories of thought blinds you to what is going on. You think you are doing your duty, for being a friend to the weak is 'the duty of a true knight, at least.' But the people designated as 'the weak' aren't so weak anymore: have you seen Dubai?

Yet the categories do not change. They cannot.

The oppressed cannot be the oppressor: that would be a logical contradiction. But human beings are not logical objects. We can oppress here, and be oppressed there: and that my father was oppressed does not mean his son is. Nor vice versa.

The logic of the arguments seems so convincing. The only question is whether the logic applies to the real world.

UPDATE: No kidding from Australia -- "anti-terror laws could prevent teaching from Koran," say Muslim clerics.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Islam was enslaving and terrorizing the Visigoths in 690 AD.

By Leftist standards, Islam cannot ever become a victim. But the point is, the LEft was designed to destroy Western civilization, period. That means they specialize in weaponizing Western languages for mental domination, control, and subversion.

It is natural for their priest professors, like Chomsky, to think that Linguistics allows them to control the Muslims, if the Muslims have learned the language.

They do not want to understand that Islam figured out a way to conquer humans and make them into slaves... before the advent of mind control techniques via language indoctrination. Before. The Leftist alliance has no effect on them, Islam is too alien of an OS to succumb to the Leftist viral subversion protocols. Their culture and religion is too strong to be taken over by language indoctrination programs.

Islam has been enslaving and breeding humans for more than 90% of their 1400 year history. Compared to a whippersnapper like the Left... Islam has seniority.