A Giant in Pakistan

A chemistry lecturer known as 'The Protector' died saving his students by firing back at Taliban militants during a deadly attack on their university that left 30 dead and dozens injured today. Gunmen stormed the Bacha Khan University in Pakistan in an assault that echoed a horrifying Taliban massacre on a nearby army-run school and previous attacks against girls' education, notably the failed assassination attempt of Malala Yusufzai in 2012 in the same province....

The father-of-two opened fire, giving them time to flee before he was cut down by gunfire as male and female students ran for their lives. He was known to his pupils as 'The Protector' because he was a keen hunter and kept a 9mm pistol at school, possibly in light of previous militant attacks.


Anonymous said...

Shai Dorsai!


Texan99 said...

God bless him.

Ymar Sakar said...

Junior high students should have combat training. Americans have demonstrated that it is psychologically and sustainable, to teach six year olds to shoot, without accidents or malice.

Btw, try to keep the Army's anti rape power point slide thing away from them. It doesn't really work as advertised.

Those that have been conditioned with the military's version of the trigger reflex, to Obey Orders, needs deconditioning a way to interpolate a trigger to drop the conditioning when they need to. As a risk, they might stop following orders for awhile.

A civilian doesn't have that issue, because it's not like they are conditioned to follow orders anyway. Until they are, that is.