'Dude, That Idea Is Texas!'

Apparently Scandinavians have an interesting use of the name of our Lone-Star state.


Tom said...

A Hungarian friend of mine told me that "chicago" in Hungarian means a violent situation. He thought it started as a reference to Al Capone's days.

Lars Walker said...

My Texan friends take it as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

It is a compliment. Incidently, they think we are all crazy, firstly because we will do the damnedest things to accomplish our goals, and now more recently, for copying them!

I lived among Germans for 2 1/2 years as a young teen, and worked with a variety of foreign nationals, including Europeans, as an adult.

There has been any number of times I've been told "You can't do that!"

Our government is very actively draining that spirit from us. We will lose our American exceptionalism, and with it, our vitality, if the policies of our government continue to punish individual initiative.


Gringo said...

From the article:
The only appropriate response to this revelation is retaliation. Although that wouldn't be very Norway of us, would it?

Courtesy of Garrison Keillor's Norwegian bachelor farmers, we tend to think of Norwegians as BORING.

I have noticed in blog comments over the years that many Europeans, or non-Europeans residing in Europe, have a rather stereotyped view of Texas. And "crazy" would enter into that.