Oh, Canada.

Canada's newly elected Prime Minister 'issues a challenge' to the United States: “We’re Ending Wars and Legalizing Pot.”

Uh-huh. One can only "end" a war by winning it or surrendering it, unless you've found a way to shake hands with the people calling for a new Holocaust. You can ask the ghost of Joe Stalin how well it worked out when he thought he had a deal with the guy calling for the last Holocaust.

Otherwise, you're just running away. You can have all the pot you like if it makes you feel better, but in the end they'll just follow the smoke trail back to you. And when they do, as they have done before, it will be men like this man who save you:

Even he couldn't "end" your war. He just ended one battle.

But I know: you think they'll leave you alone now. If only you concede enough, you'll be left in peace. Our President seems to believe the same thing.


raven said...

Peace. It astounds me that the word is so revered. Slaves know Peace. As long as you keep your eyes downcast, and do exactly what you are told, you will know Peace.

Grim said...

Time enough for Peace in the grave.

E Hines said...

Slaves know Peace.

That's no peace. Slaves only know the violence against their souls.

We do not want peace to war, but we went to war to achieve peace. So be peaceful, fighting to drive those that you know the blessings of peace, winning the victory over them.
--St Augustine

Eric Hines

Edith Hook said...

Canada is rather picky about immigration, No? Isn't it time they open up their borders to all the refugees?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

New Zealand feels similarly about its protector, Australia.

Jason said...

I'm reminded of this image:


Eric Blair said...

It's not like Canada's contribution was vital in anyway. All the Canadians I know just hated Mr. Harper, so as far as it goes, he screwed up.

Ymar Sakar said...

When they start importing in Jihadists and exporting them south to the US... there might not be any peace on this continent for a 100 years.

That'd be ironic.