But How Can This Be?

Via D29, we have an argument of a sort that the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee doesn't need to allow guns on the campus because the campus is so safe. Nonsense. I have it on good authority that 1 in 5 women on campus is subject to sexual assault. At least, if both the President and Vice President of the United States aren't a good authority, I don't know who is.

This university actually has a pretty even 51/49 sex ratio, unusual these days, so only slightly more than half of these are women. So that's about 12,500 women, which means that 2,500 rapes must occur every 4 years, or about 625 a year.

Well, actually, the article suggests it's not quite that high:
Sex offenses, forcible: 7 on-campus, 1 non-campus and 1 public property

Sex offenses, rape: 8 on-campus, 4, non-campus and 0 public property

Sex offenses, non-forcible: None in all categories

Sex offenses, statutory rape: None in all categories

Sex offenses, incest: None in all categories

Sex offenses, fondling: 4 on-campus, 1 non-campus and 0 public property
So that's, um, twenty-six? Well, that's four percent of the expected number, anyway. Obviously it's an underperforming college -- must be because it has such an unusually high percentage of men enrolled.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Great argument, which should be kept. If you are having so many rapes, then your women would be better off carrying.

Exploding heads ensue.

MikeD said...

Pssh! If you think they'll buy that, I have a bridge to sell you! Remember, these are the people recommending that women pee on themselves or vomit in order to prevent a rape. And I will tell you first-hand, the collegiate type liberals will tell you that your suggestion that women should have to defend themselves is extremely sexist in the first place, because the real solution is to teach men not to rape. Anything else is victim blaming.

And I wish that were a joke. That's what passes for logical thought. That the reason men rape women is because they don't know any better, and we've (somehow) been taught that it's ok to rape women. Funny, literally no one ever taught me "not to rape" but somehow, in some freakish display of self-control that we apparently can never accept is "normal", I have managed to live over four decades and have never once raped anyone at all. UNPOSSIBLE!

Lars Walker said...

As a student of the UWM graduate school, I probably ought to rise to its defense, but it would be a pointless exercise. Studying online as I do, I'm not sure whether I'm a part of the culture of rape there or not. Since most things called rape nowadays have little or nothing to do with physical contact, I suppose it's possible I've been molesting the female students from a distance, unbeknownst to myself. I probably just ought to surrender myself for reeducation before they come for me in the night.

Ymar Sakar said...

This was a popular argument amongst Democrats in the South circa 1830. It's not a good idea to arm the slaves, instead what should be done is to make their masters deny education to the slaves. That way, the slaves won't need to know that they should be miserable.

Whether men need to know how not to rape or slaves need to know how to be happy working the fields, it's all a top down enforcement of equality by the unequal, the masters and owners.