Watchdog Group: She Used Option One

A former US Army counterintelligence officer who now works for a watchdog group says he believes that Secretary Clinton used what I described as "option (1)" to get around the air gap:
Farrell said his investigation of the matter indicates that Clinton aides likely read classified documents and then digested and excerpted the material into the unclassified email system. Clinton has said she never sent any classified information on the email server and did not receive any classified information that was marked as such. “So she’s relying on the idea that somehow her deputies, Huma Abedin and Jay Sullivan, would excerpt the pertinent points out of a classified cable,” Farrell said. “They would pull those nuggets out of the classified version and restate it in an regular, unclassified conventional email on her server. And that’s what we’ve come across now.”


Said Farrell: “Here’s the bottom line: The secretary of state in an extraordinary and unprecedented move, set up a private email server to circumvent the conventional government classified and unclassified networks. Her aides and assistants excerpted code-word material from various classified message traffic and then took those excerpts and then sent them to her over an unclassified email server.”
Perhaps the biggest news in the story is that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills disregarded the Federal judge's order that they give sworn statements in this matter. That is going to have consequences.


Jason said...

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but this is sounding more and more like an espionage ring.

jaed said...

That thought occurred to me earlier. This is not to say this had to be witting, but Hillary's personal attitude in her appearances is strange. Squirrelly. Inappropriately-timed humor, shiftiness.

So I don't imagine she sold herself to Putin or the Chinese or the Iranians or the Saudis, but I am starting to wonder whether she had something shady going on that required this sort of activity. And whether she was too stupid to realize it would also leave the information wide open to any random hacker named Yevgeny from Moscow or anyone else who cared to read the contents of that server, and is only now figuring out that what she did may have legal implications outside whatever slightly-illegal scam she may have thought she was running.

It's a theory.

This may also be the karmic reward for having let Sandy "Socks" Berger get off so lightly. That may have told other people, such as the aides and Hillary herself, that stealing and destroying classified documents was a venial sin, so putting the information on non-secure servers was only a minor boo-boo. It fostered a blasé attitude toward classified information. Which may now have come back to bite us hard, whether this disclosure was planned by someone malign or was merely stupidity, arrogance, and carelessness.

jaed said...

(I forgot to mention: what set me off on Sandy Berger is Jason's comment about espionage rings reminded me that Berger's behavior - sneaking the documents out of the building and then concealing them at, IIRC, a building site - sounded very much like a dead drop. I don't think anyone ever pursued that angle, but it made me think some very bad thoughts.)

Ymar Sakar said...

So the Iranian spy gets to separate out the classified information. That works. It worked for Carter.