"If You Still Support Planned Parenthood, You Are Simply Not A Decent Person."

More likely than this, you just haven't seen the videos. The media has done its best to play them down. The people I know who still support Planned Parenthood are aware they exist, but describe them as 'those doctored videos that tried to show Planned Parenthood was guilty of a crime, which has been debunked.'

The proof that these guys haven't even watched the videos is contained in the headline of that last link, which reads, "Investigations turn up no Planned Parenthood wrongdoing." If you have seen the videos, you know that what is debatable is whether there has been any lawbreaking. "Wrongdoing" is indisputable. That the law supports these practices is a huge part of the problem to be solved.

UPDATE: An analogy featuring baby pandas.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Some people already knew that Leftists were enemies of humanity.

The rest of humanity is merely catching up like a slow child on the highway.