Making a Cigar Box Guitar

Grim's 1332 post got me watching a bunch of cigar box guitar videos. Here's a good, time-condensed video of making an electric cigar box guitar from scratch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the craftsmanship, though the background music gets a bit repetitive.

Update: If anyone's interested in a much, much simpler and easier way to do this, here are three different plans.

Art of Manliness: How to Make a Cigar Box Guitar

Make: Hand-Rolled Music

Cigar Box Nation plans

Glenn Watt has a bunch of useful videos on it as well, and there is a lot more out there.


Grim said...

I really like the sound these things make. They're kind of awesome.

Tom said...

Yeah, there's something about the simplicity of it. Awesome is the right word.

Glenn Watt's site has tablature for a lot of songs, including the "Marine Corp Hymn." I'd like to hear that on one of these things.

Tom said...

Okay, so here's the hymn.

Frankly, I was hoping for more of a Jimmy Hendrick's rendition of it.

A lot of Watt's CBG music on YouTube is not what I would think of as normal CBG music: Very little blues, more Greensleeves.