This delights me.  Would I buy it?  Well, no.  I'm not in the habit of paying $9K for a sofa, and this would fit very strangely in my home.  I'm just happy someone thought such a playful thing up.  Etsy is an entertaining site.


E Hines said...

Frankly, I don't like any piece of furniture that looks more like it belongs on a gallery wall than actually used.

Worse, although I'd have to sit on it the way I always sit on furniture to be sure, it looks deucedly uncomfortable.

I might give $1.00 for it, if I actually could flip it for $9k.

Eric Hines

Cass said...

I will admit to being delighted and amused by some modern furniture.

It's too antiseptic/impractical for me to want to decorate my whole house in modern stuff, but I love a piece or two (especially if it's unusual) as an accent.

If I had a million bucks, I'd have a city apartment that was all modern, a cabin in the woods that was rustic (to the point of no electricity or even running water) and a fairly traditional home I lived in most of the time.

Matt said...

Interesting. Does it cause anyone else to picture a Salvador Dali dream about a graham cracker? :)

douglas said...

Matt, now that you mention it...

I think the curves need a little refinement, but it certainly a playful piece. Now, the question for me is does it pass my sofa test- is it comfortable enough for a nap?

Texan99 said...

Matt, you nailed it. :-)

It's a chaise, you guys, not a daybed. You lean back a little, maybe put your feet up, and read the newspaper.

Really, Dali is exactly right. It looks like a comforter spread over thin air, but at the same time like a bizarrely disembodied leather recliner. It makes me laugh. Obviously I'd never put it in my house, which (to put it mildly) isn't modern, but it engages me thoroughly with the spirit of the person who created it.