More unclear motives

A German tabloid that reprinted the Mohammed cartoons has been firebombed.  Police say it's too soon to ascribe motives to the attack.

A couple of comments from David Foster's place, ChicagoBoyz:
There is an interesting piece today in the Wall Street Journal about historian Tom Holland and the writing of his "In the Shadow of the Sword, the Rise of Islam," which is about the origins of Islam and Muhammed, which do not agree with the Quran or the Hadiths. He was OK until the BBC made a documentary about the book then he started getting lots of death threats. He said he never thought that a historian would be at such risk since all he wanted to do was tell a true story.
I’m ordering all three of his books about the Middle East. Apparently Muslims do not read much but do watch TV. Maybe they read cartoons, as well.
#JESUISCHARLIE is one thing.
I think that we are more in need of #JESUISCHARLIEMARTEL.

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Grim said...

I'm not generally much for hashtags, but I do rather like that one.