Why We Don't Drink Pig's Milk

A thorough response from an intern at the Illinois Pork Producers Association.


E Hines said...

Sounds like a market niche for a relatively simple engineering solution to milking.

Oh, wait. FDA will want a regulation. So will the EPA. And Dept of Ag. Probably Interior, too.

California will insist on minimum milking cage sizes and pig diets.

And there are the nuisance suits: PETA, ASPCA. Feminists--how dare you objectify a sister, treating her like a milking machine!?


Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Not to mention that pigs are omnivores with iffy tempers. In principle, you could raise wolves for their milk.

Cass said...

Wow. I wish my interns were that industrious!

douglas said...

If you wanted to use pigs for milk, you'd then have to be more particular about what they ate, I suspect.

I suppose it could be a cottage industry like goat's milk.