An Argument for Inducing Labor

So once I hit the [Obamacare plan's] deductible (and thus got halfway to my out-of-pocket max), I Iooked in our HSA, saw there was more than $2,500 and thought, "Good, we can afford any health care expenses that might come with a new baby."

But then my wife reminded me that some of the doctors or specialists who see us at the hospital might not be in network. And we have a totally separate (and higher) deductible for out-of-network care. We'd pay every penny for doctor out-of-network.

My wife called the hospital. The hospital said that some specialists are in network, some are out. Can we request an in-network anesthesiologist? Nope. We get whoever is on duty at the moment the contractions get too painful.
Doubtless this is part of the war on women.


Texan99 said...

I ran across this article recently and, if I remember correctly, read in one of its comments that some policies carry a "network" clause under which, if you're being treated in an in-network hospital, the insurer will automatically recognize any associated anesthesiologist, pharmacist, radiologist, etc., as "in network." That sounds like a good clause to look for, assuming our masters in HHS haven't yet eradicated it by well-meaning regulation.

Grim said...

If they haven't eradicated it, they surely will!

Ymar Sakar said...

Americans wanted Livestock Care. Well now they got LivestockCare.

People want a lot of stuff. The stuff they actually need, only a real leader can provide.

Eric Blair said...

And here from the post title, I first thought you were trying to get people to work.

Grim said...


raven said...

Speaking of work, I found out where all our customers went- Broke.
Mike Shedlock did a little looking at the Philly Fed report-apparently they did a special survey on obamacare's effect on business-
The numbers were staggering- huge increases in premiums, deductibles, max out of pocket, layoffs and part time worker expansion.
Combine this with the recent survey that indicated about a third of the country would have a hard time coming up with four hundred ($400) dollars for an emergency expense and it is apparent the once thriving American Middle Class is being sucked dry.
"Grind the proletariat between the millstones of taxation and inflation"