Bring it on

Rick Perry's mug shot is better than most people's professional publicity photos.  This "smug shot" is already driving his political enemies nuts.  He sure doesn't look like someone who got caught doing anything he's ashamed of.

As Iowahawk said, the only thing that would have made this more awesome is a T-shirt with this one on it:

Or maybe this:


Anonymous said...

Rick Perry has a sense of humor. That could take him all the way to the White House.

I like former governors of Texas as Presidents because they have rigorous on-the-job training from people who have a low tolerance of stupidity.


Grim said...

Iowahawk is a smart guy, although I think Perry probably did the right thing with the suit and tie. :)

E Hines said...

I'd have liked a wide-brimmed, low-crown hat pulled low over his brow and slightly cocked. A string tie would have been good, too.

The cop taking the mug shot might have objected to the hat, though.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

For some reason... I don't like the Left.

Grim said...

I hadn't noticed.