This Is What I'm Talking About

I've known Deputy Pirkle since Junior High. He was in my Boy Scout Troop, many ages ago when his hair was not yet gray. (It's not that he's that old -- it's just that he's the only non-female in his house.)
Earlier this year, our very own Deputy Pirkle responded to a call involving a Forsyth County resident who had been the victim of an entering auto. Several hundred dollars in cash was stolen from her, money she had planned on spending on a church trip. While investigating the theft, Deputy Pirkle took it upon himself to reach out to the rest of his shift and dispatchers to collect up enough money to donate to the victim. They raised over $400 in three hours.

He didn't realize his actions would become public, and only did it because he felt it was the right thing to do.
It's worth looking at their whole photo stream. They do have that one armored car, though it's not military-spec; but what you mostly see is citizenship. Swimming lessons for the kids. Working with the Fire Department (no longer purely volunteer) to rescue some horses. Soccer matches.

That's the county where I grew up. I don't live there any more -- since Atlanta expanded into it, it's become too crowded and too rich for my blood. Out here where I live now we don't really have deputies around, but I did have one come by the house the other day. Some lady had hit my mailbox because a miscreant teenager had knocked it out into the road with a baseball bat. She called the deputy out to get my contact information and to file a report so her insurance agency could send us a check for a new mailbox. Even though they rarely come out here, when she called, he trucked what must be an hour out of his way, round trip, to save me fifty bucks or less.

That's the kind of full-time good citizens that exemplify the best of police work. They're the kind of people you're glad to have as part of your community.


raven said...

Yes. And they get little press for good deeds. . I have been very pleased with my county Sheriff and Deputies- they cover a wide area, and are few and far between. Normally one to a patrol car. They have always been courteous and professional. I have the definite impression they like public support.

Grim said...

So, not that long ago there was a shooting by the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department. The deputy who did the initial shooting (by the end, I think a lot of people were shooting) was a guy who had spent decades in the community doing security at the local skating rink, or the movie theaters on Friday night. Every teenager in town knew him and, apparently, vice versa.

That kind of relationship and good will goes a long way on the rare occasion that you get to the guns.

Ymar Sakar said...

It's also how the officer who incurred the wrath of Gates and Hussein before the Beer Summit, was able to evade most of the fury of the Regime given his record working with all communities and racial alignments.

Zimmerman also worked on the side for some groups and organizations that might be considered minorities, keeping the side supporting him in better morale.