How To Fit In As A Marine Infantrywoman

The satirical Duffleblog is in rare form today.
After finishing check-in late Friday to Alpha Co, 1st Battalion 6th Marines wearing her dress blue uniform, Private First Class Rhonda “Thunderbeast” Williams went down to Honest Pierre’s Used Car Emporium and bought a hot pink Ford Mustang at 46 percent interest....

The final acceptance by the company came on Saturday night, when the entire unit went out in town. After consuming several dozen alcoholic beverages and getting a tattoo of ‘Death Before Dishonor’ on her entire back, Williams led her platoon into the Pink Flamingo, a local gentlemen’s club near the base. At the end of the evening she was seen leaving with a male waiter who she had been loudly hitting on all night.

On Monday, Williams had informed her chain of command she was getting married.

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Cass said...

“That’s when I knew she was really one of us,” said company First Sgt. Joe Blumpton. “She really knows what it is to make a lifelong financial and emotional commitment to someone based on a single night of unprotected sex.”

...At press time, Williams had already received a DUI charge — one of the highest honors an infantryman can receive.

OK, that was funny :p