"Based on my poor understanding of history, science, and ethics..."

My favorite part about this anti-politician petition on WhiteHouse.gov is that it is apparently being driven by the Left. I heard about it from one of my Left-leaning friends, and the support I can find for it is all built around left-leaning organizations. The by-name exemption of Ph.D.s is suspicious as well -- education is a beautiful thing, but a doctorate is not a substitute for understanding. Hopefully they go together, but manifestly not necessarily.


RonF said...

I would like to see the proponents of this pass an ethics, history and science test.

Anonymous said...

I have a PhD and I'll be the first to admit that there's about 99.99% of the world I either don't understand, or only understand the very basics of. And that does not include politics, economic theory, or federal regulations not related to interstate surface water compacts. And I'll also state that I don't want the majority of the PhDs that I know trying to run anything more complicated than a lemonade stand or a screwdriver. :)


Anonymous said...

WhiteHouse.gov took down the petition. They said something about violating their rules.

I am a patent attorney. One of my first jobs was at a fairly large patent firm, where attorneys were officially forbidden to clear jams from the copiers or change ink cartridges. I was a lowly clerk, so I ignored the rules and did all those things, just so I could get my work done.

But I giggled, because every last attorney in that firm had a doctorate, and most of them had engineering or science degrees of one sort or another. You'd think they could clear a paper jam.