Shards of Narsil

Bill Whittle is meditating on the Lord of the Rings.


raven said...

Excellent! It is hard to find courage. Sometimes I wonder if it is just grim determination to carry on. Most of the times I have been scared, there were few options to be had. I guess real courage is when there are options, and one chooses the path of honor. Easy to say. Difficult to do.
Years ago the LOTR quest was a useful example, explaining to my young daughter that we needed to keep on, even though we were very shaken up. All our gear and food lost, in remote terrain in freezing temps. What would Frodo do? Maybe I was reassuring myself, too.

Grim said...

Well, we're in the Wild like the Rangers until the hour is right. Even Aragorn couldn't ride to war until the Rohirrim would, or until Gondor was faced with it. They wouldn't have stood with him while peace was an illusion they could believe in.

Gandalf was a servant of the secret fire. So must we be: the fire that may spring out, when the world is ready for it.

raven said...

Good essay on the Remnant- you may enjoy this, although you are probably already familiar with it.