Getting up off the floor (minor version)

One of Ms. Hoyt's readers recounted this story about a man who, in his small way, stood up for reasonable principles at his office (see Robin Munn reply at May 14 1:13pm).
The day after Andrew Breitbart died, this guy saw a coworker (of the 20-something hipster-liberal variety) wearing a Che T-shirt.  Normally, he said, he would have brushed it off, but after losing Andrew and seeing all the “Breitbart is here” and “Be Breitbart” slogans that were popping up, he decided to say something.  The Che T-shirt guy didn’t take it kindly, and got a few of his hipster-liberal buddies to complain to HR, and an anonymous email (which later proved to have been from a liberal-leaning HR person) got distributed widely among the Ace of Spades commenter (hereafter called AoS guy)’s group—WAY more widely than company policy said it should have.  AoS guy immediately stopped driving his nice car to work and started driving his junky car, which proved to be wise because a few days later, someone slashed his tires in the parking lot.  He reported this fact to HR (to someone he was pretty sure was NOT the person who sent out the anonymous email).
The upshot, described in more detail at Hoyt's site, is that more sensible people in this financial company got wind of the situation and were unhappy with the first HR person's flagrant violation of company policy re the privacy of HR disputes—enough so to fire him.  Management also assigned AofS guy a young bodyguard to take him to and from his parking spot.  Presently the bodyguard witnessed some guys trying to spraypaint a message on the car, broke the vandal group up, and received minor injuries.  Fortunately, he also took down the escaping car's license plate, which proved to have an indirect connection to Che guy, though not enough to get him fired.

Now, AofS guy and Che guy worked in the same division, with Che guy on a different team, one that happened to have poor results.  The company reassigned Che guy's team leader and replaced him with AofS guy, with explicit directions to let go anyone he thought necessary to improve the poor team results.  Did he immediately fire Che guy?  No, he said he wanted to give him a fair shake and judge by the numbers, not the personalities.  His attitude so impressed other team members, including Che guy's running buddies, that one of them upped her game and improved her performance.  Che guy, on the other hand, improved nothing and in fact quit before he could be fired, crowing that he'd now get unemployment benefits.  (Actually, by quitting he forfeited them.)  AosS guy then called the remaining team together to announce that the numbers were now so improved that no one else faced a layoff.   Meanwhile, AofS guy became good friends with the bodyguard and even better friends with the bodyguard's highly eligible older sister.

As the commenter notes:
So go ahead and stand up for your beliefs — you never know WHAT might happen.


douglas said...

Good one. It's not a tough road to travel, though; but then, nothing much of value have I found along the easy road.

I've been thinking about how much I protect myself in my quiet and avoid things by keeping my head down and in my work, picking my spots to make comments designed to merely question assumptions. I'm not always sure it's the right thing.

Ymar Sakar said...

Leftist antics know no hilarity.

If only they were still being trained and funded by the Soviet union, they would be far more effective in their evil.

Then again, evil without efficiency is perhaps merely rage encompassed murder. It's all good either way, for those who serve darkness.

At least those who confront the Left are understanding a little bit more about their enemy. Enough to win half of their battles. Now if only they would complete the process at large, to know oneself and to know one's enemy.