Who can keep them straight?

Guy Benson at HotAir asks: "But why did Lois Lerner secretly monitor Susan Rice’s talking points for two months before trying to coerce a 'donation'?"


RonF said...

Behind my desk at home is a shallow, wide closet with bi-fold doors. It's got wire shelves and holds a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff; boxes, binders, cabling and computer parts, etc., etc.

Under one box is a short stack of newspapers from my college days. A couple of Washington Posts, a New York Times and a Boston Globe. One of them - I can't remember which one - has the headline NIXON RESIGNS.

I've seen a play like this before - at least, the first act and the opening to the 2nd act were the same. That doesn't mean we'll see the same 5th act (this kind of thing IS worthy of Shakespeare) - but it does mean we need to pursue it thoroughly, just as it was before.

The fact that this works to the political advantage of some of the players is moot, as it is unavoidable - anything works to the advantage of one set of players and to the disadvantage of others. That and the fact that some of the players will pursue the truth to gain advantage for their side is secondary to the actual pursuit of the truth.

E Hines said...

But who will be our Macduff? I see no one ready in the wood.

Eric Hines