Reply to Keats

Ah, a day of gentle South wind
In August, when the mercury,
heat-hardened as an artery
of bacon, readily sends
a comforting wake to each our friends;
Where they drink and sing old songs,
Each one a scoundrel, a waste
of morals, such that in haste
we made them brothers of drinking long
necked beer, when we were wrong
and young, as once we were
before the heat made us suffer.

I dashed that off purely to amuse the companions at Brandywine Books, but some of you might enjoy it too.


Lars Walker said...

Strong men weep. Especially if they love poetry.

Grim said...

Heh. :)

Nicholas Darkwater said...

Long-necked beer (an elixir of Texas), in part an answer to Falstaff's decrial of small beer.