The Romans are going home.

Long ago, when I was young lad in the service, I heard that the Germans had a nick name for the American troops: "The Romans". Not a bad name, really--I heard they referred to the British troops as "Island Apes". I sort thought the name fit. Well, the BAOR hasn't been around for a while now, and it looks like USAREUR will soon join them.

 That worked out real well last time.


Grim said...

The 170th, whose tanks those were, is a unit with which I have a personal connection. Before it reflagged as 170th, it was 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored Division. I was with them on their last Iraq deployment. I know a lot of those guys.

It's the end of something, as you rightly say.

douglas said...

I found this comment interesting:

denbo68 Collapse

Tanks are leaving just as the Europeans are at each others throats again.

William said...

Possibly. But not any time soon. The reorg is pretty political and there are assets that will be around for a long while yet. LRMC comes to mind.

William sends.

Eric Blair said...

From what I could tell, there are two brigades left in Europe. (and some support units) A far cry from what used to be there.

It's one thing to have a QRF or 'lily pad' cabability, and something else again to have a couple of corps ready to go.

But, things have changed. Mostly for the better. The question, as it always is, "what comes next?"