Ah, The Understanding of Our Superiors

Now I understand why we can't be allowed to have guns. They know what they would do if they had them.
The mayor of Marcus Hook was charged [March 21] with holding an acquaintance hostage during a drunken encounter at his home last month that allegedly ended with the mayor’s firing a gun into the floor. During the encounter, Mayor James D. Schiliro repeatedly offered to perform a sex act with the 20-year-old male, according to police.
Apparently this is one of Bloomberg's anti-gun mayors. Or was, until the website got scrubbed.


Eric Blair said...

LOL. Delaware County, PA. A lot of stupid stuff goes on around here.

Texan99 said...

Yes, he's certainly a man who ought not to carry! Or indeed drink anywhere outside a locked or supervised area. There's real doubt whether he should keep a driver's license.