Then said he to Galahad: Son,
wottest thou what I hold betwixt my hands? Nay, said
he, but if ye will tell me. This is, said he, the holy dish
wherein I ate the lamb on [Holy] Thursday. And now hast
thou seen that thou most desired to see
, but yet hast thou
not seen it so openly as thou shalt see it in the city of
Sarras in the spiritual place. Therefore thou must go
hence and bear with thee this Holy Vessel; for this night
it shall depart from the realm of Logris, that it shall never
be seen more here. And wottest thou wherefore? For
he is not served nor worshipped to his right by them of
this land, for they be turned to evil living; therefore I
shall disherit them of the honour which I have done them.

I owe special thanks to Dad29 today, who has been invaluable in my quest to see the cup.


Dad29 said...

Christ is risen, risen indeed, alleluia!

I'll pray for you--and you for me--and we'll meet merrily in Heaven!

Grim said...