Sometimes it's good to be reminded that we didn't just recently wake up and find ourselves with a media that's stubbornly deaf and blind to what conservatives do, say, and think.  Try watching this news clip from election night 1980, as pundits struggle to understand how Reagan could have won.  My favorite part:  the sad recognition that idiotic voters must have blamed President Carter for a hostage crisis that he couldn't possibly have helped, followed by the snide dismissal of Henry Kissinger's prediction that Reagan's mere election would solve the hostage crisis by inauguration day.  And when did the hostages come home?  January 20, 1981.


Russ said...

Wow. They never learn.

Gringo said...

I stopped listening to NPR as a news source back in the 1980s. At the time, I had left the Democrats. I voted third party with "a plague on both your houses" attitude towards the two main parties.

As I was at the time indifferent to neutral regarding Democrat to Republican, I was struck by the sneer in the NPR announcers' voices in discussing a Republican victory.

That opened my eyes regarding the "neutrality " of the media.

RonF said...

To answer your question, Mr. Cronkite, as to why the vote was so different from the polls - conservatives don't trust the media and either don't answer them or don't tell them what they're really thinking.