The Trial Garden at the University of Georgia

One of the less well-known features of the University grounds is the Horticulture Department's trial garden. It is well worth a visit, if you're ever down in Athens. The State Botanical Garden is more famous, but the trial garden -- though vastly smaller -- contains an astonishing display of experimental flora.  Here are some.

Arches of flowering vines, protected by swarming honey bees.

A deep purple ornamental capsaicin.

An Asian tree more usually seen as bonsai.

More ornamental peppers.

Ranks of experiments, toward the central gazebo.

A mighty native wisteria.

Red cascade.

Apparently a homestead for boring bees -- perhaps a way of distracting them from the house?


Bob said...

Those are mason bees, Grim. They're great little pollinators and no sting.

Grim said...

Really? Do they make honey you can use for, say, mead?

Anonymous said...

Lovely gardens! It is always neat to see what works in your area, and what works only if cossetted, petted, prayed over, and sprinkled gently with spring water gathered under the second full moon after the spring equinox.


douglas said...

Out West, we call them carpenter bees. Indeed, harmless.

Bob said...

No honey. Just lots of little mason bees.

Grim said...

Well, what we call "boring bees" here are apparently also called "carpenter bees." They eat holes in the house. They don't sting, but they're quite destructive. (Also huge. You'll notice if one hits you when you're on the motorcycle!)

bthun said...

Those rascals are right fond of boring holes on the underside of wooden window sills. Unpainted wood in general seems to be a prime target.

Can't say I've ever hit one at speed, but I have entombed a few in the window sill with a slathering of wood putty.

//Harmless or not, reminds the hun of a yellow jacket nest right beside an outbuilding. The nest is on the to be gassed after sunset schedule. Tonight seems like a good night.//

douglas said...

"Also huge"

Indeed. Also, the sound they make when they buzz your ear is quite unnerving. I've not been hit while on a bike, but I'm sure that would get your attention.