Muddled missions

The USDA has a brilliant new initiative to heal the planet.

I have a better plan:  abolish the USDA.  It doesn't seem to have any idea what its mission is any more. Is it supposed to ensure reliable food production?  Fix prices?  Subsidize corn?  Promote food-stamp dependency?  Combat obesity?  Reduce the carbon footprint?  It's lurching around at cross-purposes.  Bury it at midnight, I say.


bthun said...

"It doesn't seem to have any idea what its mission is any more."

That covers the SOP of many, if not most of the alphabet Agencies under the Federales umbrella. Control and consume in order to grow. Grow in order to control and consume.

//wonders when and how the SMITE button will be activated? //

Grim said...

On the other hand, the USDA operates our Beagle Brigade. They're more essential to homeland security than the whole TSA.

Cuter, too.

Nicholas Darkwater said...

Considering that 40% of the corn crop now goes to ethanol, maybe it should just be a subsidiary of the Department of Energy.

Texan99 said...

Well, I'm with you about the Beagle Brigade. Let's replace the USDA with the USDBB. Sniffing out agricultural contraband that might actually introduce pathogens is one of the few USDA functions that do not inspire my wholehearted contempt these days.

Per the nightly TV news, the USDA is now disclaiming the "Meatless Monday" message. It's like Dr. Strangelove and his unruly hand.